Parenting For All Age Groups

Parenting For All Age Groups

Parenting is really hard! We all want what’s best for our kids but sometimes we don’t know what the best is.

Do you need help with your little ones? What do you do with the baby that won’t stop crying? How do you teach preschoolers right from wrong in the “right” way? How can you help middle schoolers improve their self-confidence? Do you have an adolescent or teen? This is the last chance to teach the values that build a positive life. What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and why?

Each age provides challenges as well as rewards. At FYI clinic, we have help for parenting any age group and our classes are informal, personal and sometimes even funny.

So if you need a little help, a little encouragement, or parenting classes are part of your court requirements, give us a call and we can help you. 584-1717.

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