At FYI Clinic, we are here to provide information for you.  Our client advocates and professional medical staff offer trustworthy services free of charge!

At FYI Clinic, our medical staff and client advocates can provide safe and confidential services: free pregnancy test, free ultrasound, and help with sorting out your feelings and concerns.  A pregnancy test and ultrasound are the only ways to know for certain if you have a viable pregnancy. Our medical clinic provides free ultrasounds to confirm viability, cardiac activity, and approximate gestational age. Call to schedule an appointment today.

If you are pregnant, you have three options: to parent, to abort, or to give your baby up for adoption. Please don’t make a decision out of haste when you first find out you’re pregnant. You need time to think, let your emotions subside, and make an informed decision.

Our staff will treat you with the utmost respect while holding your information in strict and absolute confidence. We will provide you with information about all of your pregnancy options. Beyond information, we provide a caring client advocate who is trained to deal with the challenging circumstances that accompany your unexpected pregnancy. Your counselor will listen to your unique situation and help in any way possible.


  • Abortion information
  • Morning-after pill information
  • Abortion pill information
  • Post Abortive Support
  • Sexual Health information
  • Pregnancy information
  • Prenatal information
  • Help with material needs
  • Men’s Mentoring